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Orka TV brings you a full set of television channels, without the cable company.

Until now, cutting the cord meant that you no longer had access to normal television channels. Orka TV uses the latest advances in streaming video to provide a broad lineup of tv channels over the internet directly to your television.

How it Works

  1. Get the Orka TV streaming stick

  2. Plug it into your TV

  3. Watch free streaming television

Features Overview

Get a great tv experience without the cost and hassle of the cable company.

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Easy and Convenient

The Orka TV streaming stick makes it easy to switch to streaming tv, Plug the Orka TV streaming stick into your television, connect to wifi, and get access to the bold new world of streaming television.

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enjoy TV and movies for free

Immediate access to great content for free - over 100 live television channels along with movies and tv shows available anytime on demand. Enjoy family movie night without breaking the bank.

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Subscribe if you want

Get all the premium content you want. Sign up for only the tv channels you want to watch. Link your Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO Now memberships and control them all in one place.


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Mike Woods

Our founder and CEO, for the last several years, Mike has been immersed in the rapidly changing streaming video markets. These experiences uniquely position him to understand the opportunity in streaming today.

Most recently, Mike ran the day-to-day business at Wurl, a streaming video tools vendor, growing it from a few people with ideas into a full operating company.

Prior to Wurl, he was an executive with The Walt Disney Company and Maker Studios. Earlier, he was a consultant with Ernst & Young.


Matt Palmerlee

Our engineering wizard, Matt has been building software systems and leading development teams for over 15 years. Most recently, Matt was CTO of Encode Logic, building native Android and iOS apps. Previously he held the position of Director of Engineering at Disney and Senior Director of Engineering at Maker Studios.